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In 2018, Jenik Esmaeili started having bad pain in her abdominal region. The pain, which was centralized on her bladder, made it difficult for her to stand up or walk. She started seeing a variety of doctors around the Los Angeles area who prescribed different pills for her pain. She underwent CAT scans and other expensive diagnostic tests, but nothing brought her relief. 

To compound matters, Jenik had been diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy two years previously. She had static noise in her ears that was made worse by stress. And the abdominal pain was certainly an added stressor.

After nearly a year of putting up with the pain in her bladder, Jenik’s daughter thought they should give acupuncture a try. Jenik was skeptical, but the family agreed they were open to trying anything to give their mother some relief. In April 2019, they found 120 Acupuncture Clinic and Dr. Ko after doing some extensive online searches, and Jenik made her first appointment.

Slow Healing for Bladder Pain through Acupuncture

Dr. Ko and his staff reiterated to Jenik that the treatments would take some time to take effect. She started with three sets of sessions that included 10 visits each. Jenik received acupuncture treatments on the front of her torso and her lower back. She also drank a specialized herbal medicine drink, formulated just for her by Dr. Ko, twice a day.

At first, Jenik didn’t notice much of a difference. But after a while, she noticed that the pain was going away. Most importantly, she was able to walk again. It took some time, but after visiting Dr. Ko for a year, Jenik considers herself healed from the bladder pain. 

Continuing Acupuncture Treatment for Other Issues

Now, Jenik continues to see Dr. Ko for treatment of her Bell’s Palsy symptoms. Her son takes her to the clinic twice a week to receive acupuncture treatments. She’s noticed a subtle decrease in the ringing in her ears. The most important aspect, she notes, is that she’s less stressed. Regular acupuncture treatment forces her to relax, which can mean she’s less bothered by the static noise in her ears.

In fact, Jenik recommends acupuncture to her friends who are going through similar issues, especially with bladder or abdominal pain. She explains the process of acupuncture to them, and recommends it to anyone looking for pain or stress relief. “It provides relief from everyday pains,” she says.

If you’re experiencing chronic pain and have had trouble finding relief through other medical procedures, acupuncture may be a good choice for you. Make an appointment at 120 Acupuncture Clinic today to learn more.

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