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Every summer, we’re all inundated with calls to lose weight and get “bathing suit ready”. Online advertisers are particularly pushy about losing weight to look good for the summer. But weight loss gimmicks are full of unhealthy, starvation-based methods and chemical pills that won’t give you lasting results and may cause more harm than good.

120 Acupuncture Clinic offers a different way to lose weight that is safe, effective, and long-lasting.

What Does Weight Gain Mean in Oriental Medicine?

In Oriental medicine, problems like weight gain are attributed to an imbalance in the body. Treatments like acupuncture and herbal medicine work to restore the balance between organs and increase blood flow. Oriental medicine is holistic, meaning treatment has to deal with the entire body.

When life energy, known as “qi” (“chee”), is blocked in the body, it is called qi stagnation. This can cause metabolic problems and weight gain. If there are problems or malfunctions in the body’s absorption and excretion processes, such as water stagnating in the body, this swells and turns into flesh. Pregnant women can be especially prone to qi stagnation as their body swells and baby weight turns into flesh, even after they have given birth.

You can gain weight for a number of reasons, including hormone changes, lifestyle changes, and even stress. Being overweight is not only uncomfortable, but can exacerbate underlying conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, and infertility. Many people turn to exercise and diet to lose weight, which is a good first step. But the most important aspect of weight loss is addressing the underlying reasons that you have been gaining weight in the first place. This is what acupuncture treatment can help you achieve.

How Can Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Help with Weight Loss?

Acupuncture and Oriental medicine can help you lose weight by giving your body a number of health benefits. To start, the increase in blood flow that is provided by acupuncture can help restore a bad metabolism.

Acupuncture can help with proper urination and excretion. Acupuncture treats constipation so the body can return its balance and help qi to circulate better. This is the most natural way to lose weight as you don’t need to depend on drugs. Acupuncture also removes the yo-yo effect because acupuncture treatment helps to restore your intestinal function for long-term results.

How Does Herbal Medicine Play a Role in Weight Loss?

While acupuncture is the basis of any treatment in Oriental medicine, herbal medicine can help boost weight loss in a number of ways. Herbal medicine helps to relieve qi stagnation and promote circulation. Treatment also lifts the intestinal functions that may degrade over time.

Some examples of herbal supplements that Dr. Ko might prescribe include:

  • senna leaf (Folium sennae) (fān xiè yè)
  • Scutellaria baicalensis (huáng qín)
  • Corydalis turtschaninovii Bess (Yán Hú Suǒ)

What is the 120 Acupuncture Clinic Diet Program?

Based on his experience treating patients with weight problems, Dr. Ko developed the 120 Acupuncture Clinic Diet Program. It’s specifically designed to reduce weight in patients without using any harsh chemicals. Patients who participate get regular acupuncture treatments and a specially formulated herbal supplement that Dr. Ko developed specifically to detoxify the body and help to reduce the amount of fat on the body.

If you’re ready to lose your weight and improve your overall health, make an appointment at 120 Acupuncture Clinic today.

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