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A. Basic Principle of Dietary Treatment

When patient is diagnosed with fatty liver, resting is rather harmful, through adequate physical exercise and dietary treatment, removing the cause can be treating the disease.

1) To get rid of the fat that is accumulated in the liver, limit the intake of calories. If there is energy deficiency to supplement the fat inside of liver will break up and dissolve the fat.
2) Replenish with good quality of protein. In order to release fat from liver to blood, and to accelerate the rejuvenation of liver cells.
3) Take plenty of foods that have high content of vitamins and minerals. Intake sufficient foods in balance so that liver will functionate in full motion.
4) Animal fat can turn into trans-fat, therefore set the limitation, use vegetable oil. Limit the total energy volume, fat, sugar as well. Ordinarily, if one enjoys fatty foods, eat less of it. Usually, fat intake is approximately 60g. it doesn’t affect the liver.
5) Among sweet foods, sugar and fructose can turn into trans-fat. limited sugar and fat are recommended.
6) Take less sugary foods. Meals that are based on sugar contents will aggravate the fatty liver.
7) When symptoms relieve, take high protein, high energy food and supply the body with good nutrients aggressively. When fatty liver is confirmed through the liver function test, active nutrition can delay the treatment.
8) In case obesity is accompanying the fatty liver, take low energy diet and weight control is very important.
9) Maintain standard weight by weight loss. If weight loss goes smoothly, liver function examination result will be normalized gradually.
10) If over the standard weight, maintain total calories divided from working capacity and standard weight.

11) Preventing Fatty Liver

– Avoid excess alcohol, overeating. : Excessive calorie intake and fat can be deposited in the liver. So avoid alcohol intake.
– Early detection of diabetes can control the possible factor of occurrence of fatty liver.
– Avoid taking artificial sweetener.

B. Always be positive.

1. Protein Diet – 1 piece of fish, meat 60g, 1 egg, ½ tofu, 1 carton of milk per day.
2. Vitamin, Mineral Foods – Milk, Dairy foods, Green & Yellow Vegetable, Fruits.
3. Tea Leaf contains ingredients that prevent Fatty Liver. While drinking alcohol , put tea powder over appetizer, after drinking alcohol, take one glass of green tea can protect liver from accumulation of fat.
4. Yeast/Seaweed: Take 20g/10g 3 times per day before meal . During the meal, stir in yeast powder in the bean extract or bean juice and drink twice a day, fatty liver can be back to normal in 9 to 13 weeks.

3. Avoiding or taking small portion of Sugar, Cookies and fruits.

4 . Dietary Plan

(Main) Rice, bread, noodles Avoid
Meat, sea foods, egg, soybean Take moderately
Vegetable, Potato, Squash Take moderately
Green & Yellow Vegetable, Seaweed Take plenty

(Snack) Fruits Avoid
Milk, Dairy Products, Caffeine Take moderately
Cookies, Sodas Try to avoid

(Etc.) Soy Sauce, Soy Bean, Salt, Vinegar Take moderately
Sugar Try to Avoid
Oil Avoid
Alcohol Prohibit

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