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Over the past 20+ years, we’ve been lucky to help many people in their fight against cancer with the power of acupuncture and Oriental medicine. Let’s take a closer look at one patient who defied the odds, far outlived his prognosis, and continues to enjoy a healthy, cancer-free life today. 

One Patient’s Cancer Remission Success Story 

In February of 2022, our clinic welcomed a patient looking for another chance. He had been diagnosed with a severe form of cancer that had metastasized to the liver, lymph, and colon. 

When he was initially diagnosed at Western Medical Hospital, the prognosis was bleak – he had been given only two months to live. Chemotherapy was recommended as the sole course of action. Unfortunately, this treatment left him feeling weak and exhausted, and had lost most of his hair.

Thankfully, our patient believed there must be something else he could do. He sought out a cancer care consultation with Dr. Ko at 120 Acupuncture Clinic where he was given an alternative direction: pair acupuncture with his chemotherapy to relieve his symptoms, regain his strength, and potentially see a staggering 90% improvement. 

The patient’s journey toward recovery started right then and continued with treatment three times a week, alongside chemotherapy sessions.

The Results

Two months passed, and the patient was not only surviving but making great progress. At the three-month mark, the patient’s check-up showed that his lymph size, previously at 1.7cm in January, had reduced to 1.2cm by May. There was also a notable decrease in the intensity of cancer growth from 7.1 to 1.3. 

From here, the patient was cleared to start an herbal medicine treatment for his liver, which resulted in a significant drop in liver intensity from 13 to 4.7.

From 2 Months to Live to a Vibrant Cancer-Free Life

This integrative approach of blending chemotherapy, acupuncture for cancer, and herbal medicine continued to help our patient recover and eventually restore his health. Within five months, his cancer decreased in size by 70%. 47

After eight months of dedicated treatment, a PET scan confirmed the patient to be entirely cancer-free. All through this, the patient rarely experienced pain or discomfort during his chemotherapy sessions, thanks to the combined treatment approach.

Today, this patient is still cancer-free and his well-being is flourishing. His hair grew back, he regained a robust appetite and healthy weight, and his immunity was strong once again. 

Life is just about back to normal as he can go to work, carry out daily activities, socialize, and even travel! In fact, he recently went on a month-long European adventure with his family, carrying his herbal medicine as a trusted companion. 

Unpacking Holistic Cancer Treatment

This patient has a remarkable story. But, he’s not the only one who has had such a remarkable turnaround. This is just one example of how an integrative, holistic approach can give patients with cancer a brighter future. 

By combining the precision of Western treatments with the holistic principles of Eastern practices, we enhance the results of each therapy. This means better healing outcomes, faster relief from symptoms, and an improved quality of life. 

Let’s take a closer look at these two approaches and how they work together. 

Conventional Cancer Care

Most conventional treatments for cancers like liver, lung, and colon cancer are centered around chemotherapy. 

Chemotherapy, a potent but often grueling treatment, uses powerful drugs to target and eliminate cancer cells throughout the body. 

Beyond chemotherapy, patients may also undergo surgery to remove tumors or affected organs, radiation therapy to target specific areas, and in some cases, immunotherapy to bolster the body’s natural defenses against cancer cells. 

These interventions, while critical in the fight against cancer, often come with their own set of physical and emotional challenges. Hair loss, weakened immune systems, and a range of other discomforts are common, which can make this healing journey longer and more challenging. 

That’s where Oriental Medicine can make all the difference. 

Oriental Medicine Cancer Care 

In the case of our patient, conventional care stepped in to help eliminate the cancer in his body, but it didn’t offer support for managing the obstacles he would face along the way to allow him to fight at full strength. Integrating acupuncture and herbal medicine to support his body in the healing process allowed his chemotherapy to work better, his body to fight longer, and a new lease on life. 

So, how do acupuncture and Oriental Medicine for cancer work? Unlike the Western biomedical model, which primarily focuses on localized abnormalities and specific tissues, Oriental Medicine sees cancer as an imbalance in the body’s vital energy and a disruption in the harmonious flow of Qi.

Typically, cancer in Oriental Medicine is associated with the concept of “stagnation” or “blockage” of Qi and blood, leading to the formation of masses or tumors. The approach to treating cancer in Oriental Medicine involves restoring the free flow of Qi and blood, thereby addressing the root cause of the imbalance.

Side effects from cancer treatment (such as chemo, radiation, and surgery) can further upset this balance and create issues like heat or weakness. Oriental medicine helps manage these issues, too, so treatment is more comfortable and sustainable. 

According to Dr. Ko, “If you receive Oriental Medicine treatment while undergoing chemotherapy, you can receive chemotherapy very easily and comfortably. Oriental medicine helps to increase the white blood cell count. Therefore, when undergoing chemotherapy, the body’s resistance is maintained and strengthened, so chemotherapy can be easily received.” As for cancers that require surgery, “Oriental Medicine treatment is much more effective if it is started before surgery. If it is started after surgery, the treatment period can take longer, but is still very helpful.”

The Benefits of Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine for Cancer Care 

There are countless benefits to using acupuncture and herbal medicine for cancer. Here are a few of the most common reasons people visit our clinic for support: 

  • Enhanced Immune Function
    By promoting the flow of Qi and balancing the body’s energy, Oriental Medicine can contribute to strengthening the immune system, crucial for the body’s ability to combat cancer. 
  • Improved Quality of Life
    The holistic nature of Oriental Medicine extends beyond symptom management, focusing on enhancing the patient’s overall well-being, both physically and emotionally.

Your Road to Cancer Recovery at 120 Acupuncture Clinic  

Cancer is a complex disease. It takes a well-rounded approach to find relief and heal. Thankfully, combining acupuncture and herbal medicine with conventional treatments is a proven way to make the cancer recovery journey lighter. 

Dr. Ko’s best recommendation? Don’t be afraid. “Cancer is with us from the time we are born. There is no need to be too surprised or disconcerted because cancer appears latent in our bodies. It will be with us until we die. It does not appear when our body’s immunity is strong, but appears when our body is weak. Even if they have cancer cells, more people with strong immune systems live healthy and die without getting cancer.

If you or a loved one is facing cancer, don’t wait to start treatment at 120 Acupuncture Clinic. Dr. Ko specializes in supporting people through every stage of cancer – from diagnosis to treatment to remission and survivorship. 

Our goal is to have more powerful recovery stories like this one. Start your journey towards holistic healing today. Simply book your appointment, or call us at 1-818-980-7979 to get started.

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