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A. Basic Principles
When someone experiences heart attack once, and diagnosed with Angina Pectoris, to prevent reoccurrence, be cautious not to burden the heart and not to aggravate the Arteriosclerosis by wellbeing lifestyle and a diet plan.

1) At the primary stage, stabilize physically and mentally, avoid harsh activity for 1 to 2 weeks, be on juice diet for about 7 to 10 days.
2) Low sodium, low calorie, high calcium should be based on nutrition. Avoid excessive labor,
mental stress, excessive alcohol and overeating.
3) Maintain steady weight by controlling food intake. Never gain excess weight, if overweight, reduce body weight.
4) Living on systematic schedule. Do not have strenuous activity right after meals.
5) At the time of heart attack, take food that are digestive, absorbing and less burden to the heart. First take soft food like porridge or juice and gradually 3 times, or 5 times eating per day and change into normal food.
6) If fatty foods were taken, it can clog the vein therefore, take low fat diet are recommended. Specially, try to take less animal fat or salty foods.
7) Taking excessive foods interfere function of heart so that the meal portion are recommended to be reduced about 8th full in the stomach.
8) Taking Sodium need to be under 7g per day. Limited Sodium taking is essential to preventing from risk of Hypertension and Heart disease.
9) It is very important to chew foods well and take time for mealtime. The mealtime should be at least 30 minutes.
10) Deficiency of vegetable fiber should be avoided. Vegetable fibers are essential to prevent from constipation that might lead to heart attack.
11) Do not smoking. Reduce drinking alcoholic beverage.
12) In order to prevent heart attack, removing the progressive stimulating factor of Arteriosclerosis and when diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, etc. are present, it must be treated completely.
13) Avoid high cholesterol diet, excessive eating disorder and excessive drinking alcoholic beverage.
14) At the time of no occurrence of heart attack, you can take a bath but not in hot water.
However, if you are exposed to cold weather right after taking a bath, some people might have heart attack again.


When chest is felt tight squeeze and out of breath, first suspect heart disease. Heart disease can lead to stroke – an inevitable fatal wound. If heart attack happens, need to treat a long periods of time, so the prevention is the key. Lack of exercises lead to obesity and westernized nutrition leads to “Arteriosclerosis” a heart disease.

“Arteriosclerosis” (hardening of artery) is caused by bad habits like excessive drinking alcohol beverage smoking, etc. or excessive taking fatty food , or aging of blood vessel due to narrowing of blood vessel or partial clogging lead to heart muscle not supplying blood flow adequately. Agina Pectoris and Myocardial infarction are most common Heart disease caused by arteriosclerosis.
Above reasons are why all the heart diseases are generated and if neglect the heart condition, one can lose the life, a critical disease.

All the heart diseases mentioned like above are treated in Oriental Herb Therapy and proven effectiveness. Excluding acute form of heart disease which requires surgery. If, in case of chronic heart disease, the Oriental herb therapy will supplement adequate blood and get rid of chest congestion, extravasated blood to enlarge the blood vessel taking acupuncture therapy and herb medicine combination will enhance the treatment. Usually, after treating 3 months, the pain in the chest will disappear expecting clear result.

The Heart disease are refer to chest pain or heart pain in oriental medicine. Chronic Heart Disease like Agina Pectoris which is caused by clogged blood due to lack of energy and blood , Myocardial Infarction , and Arteriosclerosis can be treated effectively by boosting energy and blood and enlarge blood vessel by removing clogged blood in the blood vessel.

The patient who is suffered from heart disease have weak function of heart , spleen, stomach, liver and kidney generally. These type of patients can be treated for making weakened organs stronger, getting rid of clogged blood, tightened muscles and energy and blood can be circulated effectively.

From the point of oriental medicine’s view, heart disease shall be caused by tightened muscles generated by weak function of organs and narrowed blood vessel due to clogged blood in the blood vessel.

Acupuncture treatment and herbal medicine are effective for getting rid of clogged blood and tightened muscles to make good blood circulation by supplying blood for deficiency of blood.

The patient who is suffered from heart disease need to have rest and avoid fatty foods , unbalanced meals and excessive physical movement , It is important for the patient who is suffered from heart disease need to have moderate physical exercise.

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