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We recently chatted with long-time 120 Acupuncture patient, Jeff Kaufman, to discuss his journey with acupuncture. He stumbled across 120 Acupuncture over 3 years ago after a car accident. In his recovery from the accident he discussed with his primary care provider on an alternative to visiting a chiropractor. They came to a plan of trying acupuncture, which was covered by his insurance.

The Studio City resident had passed 120 Acupuncture many times while traveling through town. After reading online reviews he was excited to give Dr. Ko a call. After his original visit for relief from the car accident, Mr. Kaufman has been returning multiple times a week since.


Back Pain and More

Dr. Ko currently treats Jeff’s Sciatica, scoliosis, and pain in legs, back, and neck. “I’ve seen too many individuals that had surgery still have pain. Visiting Dr. Ko makes my chronic pains more manageable and I can avoid surgery,” said Jeff. 

Jeff’s chronic conditions could be a hindrance to his daily activities but through acupuncture he’s able to live a more normal life and keep the pain subdued without a reliance on painkillers. 


Parting Thoughts

“He (Dr. Ko) does help. His attitude is a healthy attitude,” Jeff on Dr. Ko’s approach to wellness. Jeff also was happy to say his two children have utilized Dr. Ko for various treatments.

Mr. Kaufman recommends acupuncture and Dr. Ko to everyone and left this parting thought from the interview to those that are new or considering acupuncture, “You have to have an open mind. The more open you are to it the better the results will be.”

Great things to think about.

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