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Motion: Male sexual impotence, Erectile Dysfunction
Definition: Unable to erect or cannot maintain a state of erection so he cannot get satisfaction out of sex.
Relation, body parts: Male genital organ, backbone nerve system.
Sex/Age: Teenagers and Adulthood male outbreak occur 45 years or older.
Symptom: Unable to erect, erection stays for a short time, pain during intercourse.

Factor: 80% is psychological as following:
– Guilty feeling
– Don’t have good relationship with sex partner.
– Depression, anxiety, mental disorder.
– Insufficient knowledge of sex.
– Temporary fatigue
– Diabetes
– Arteriosclerosis (hardening of artery)
– Hypertension- Medical treatment
– Spinal cord injury, various hardening spasm, syphilis and similarly back bone nerve disease.
– A pituitary gland, thyroid gland, adrenal gland etc. as internal gland diseases.
– Alcoholic
– Drug addict (especially, narcotic, mental tranquilizer, sleeping pills, a sedative, a hallucinogen.)

Risk Factor:
– Stress
– Recent major surgery, especially heart blood vessel or prostate surgery.
– Excessive alcohol intake

– Communicate with partner, understand the needs and help each other.
– Don’t drink alcohol more than 1 to 2 times daily. Don’t take abusive drugs.
– If diabetic, follow treatment schedule attentively.

Diagnosis Method:
– Examination if there is problem by self-examination
– Observation by professional doctor
– Blood test of the amount of Hormone

Complication (Side effect):
– Depression and low self-esteem
– Problem between married couple or ending a close relationship with someone.

Prospective Treatment:
– Automatically get well, if it is psychological problem, it recover through consultation in short time.
– If patient have physical problem, Erectile Dysfunction symptom can be improved by treating the cause.

1. Regular Therapy: Reduce stress and maintain the health.
2. Medication Therapy:
– In case of psychological problem, Erectile Dysfunction cannot be cured with medication.
– In order to treat physical condition, prescription drug can be applied.
– If such medication is suspected of Erectile Dysfunction, change the medication or dosage with professional doctor.

Precaution in Livelihood:
– No restriction
– Possible erection or after surgery , get back to normal intercourse.

Dietary Treatment:
– Eat nutritious balanced meal with vitamins and mineral supplements.

When consultation of specialist is needed:
– Impotency persists.
– Especially, taking medication or have symptoms for the disease which is
the cause of this Impotency.

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