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Even before opening eyes, babies can easily find mother’s milk due to ability to smell. The development of nose differs by individuals usually grow rapidly by 5 or 6 years old. Afterwards, slows down. By 12 or 13 years old, they develop like adult’s nose function, at adolescence, they fully develop as adults. Unlike eyes or ears, nose development progresses slowly. The human being can tell whether the food is spoiled by smell and if cannot smell, it affects tasting the food. The sense of smell is mostly affected by inflammation in the nose. It’s very common that baby get nose dry and it can be prevented by keeping room temperature at 25 degree C and protect the mucous membrane in the nose. In the event of dehydration, nose can get drier, so sugar water or purified water should be given. When the baby grows to be a certain age to release nose discharges by themselves it’s important to hold by one side at a time in order not to worsen the nose symptom and affect the ears.
If swallow the discharges, it can inflame the nose. Until 6 years old, the nose development will complete and enters important stage , the nose can be easily defected unlike the ears and eyes. It can lead to chronic disease so parents should be alert about their child’s nose. When children catch cold, the complication can lead to nose inflammation, they are frequently exposed to reoccurrence. If contracted, they breathe by mouth, discharge like pus (snots) and cannot smell, have headache and also cannot hear well. This becomes chronic disease when neglect the problem into adulthood. For students, sports or studying can be very uncomfortable so treatment is very crucial right away.

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