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Michelle Hong is a nurse in Nebraska who mainly works with elderly patients. Unfortunately, she caught the novel coronavirus from her patients in the spring of 2020. As a nurse, she knew what she had to do to treat it, such as staying away from others for two weeks, resting, and drinking plenty of fluids, but she wasn’t quite ready for how hard it hit her.

“With pneumonia, we can treat it with antibiotics,” she explains. “But you can’t treat viruses. We have a saying: if you don’t treat a virus, it will go away in a month. If you do treat a virus, it takes 30 days to recover. So it’s the same whether you treat it or not, and antibiotics are not helpful.”

But COVID-19 brought a lot of aches, weakness, and lethargy. Michelle developed a cough and a lung condition with a sore throat and a lot of dryness. She also lost her senses of taste and smell. Her lungs felt congested and she had a lot of phlegm. 

Luckily for Michelle, her daughter is married to Dr. Ko’s son. Dr. Ko sent Michelle a supply of his special herbal supplement for viruses. The supplement comes in a liquid form, which Michelle heated up and drank three times a day. 

“Dehydration is a major issue with any illness,” she says. “Being able to drink something is extremely important to heal.”

While Michelle knew that there was no cure for COVID-19, she found that the herbal supplement helped ease her symptoms. The muscle aches started to dissipate, and her coughing calmed down. She also says she felt more energized and lighter.

She was so impressed with the results that she shared the concoction with her coworker, Monalisa Joseph. 

“I didn’t want to tell my daughter and son-in-law that I was sharing,” she says, “but it helped me so much I just couldn’t keep it to myself.”

Monalisa was also diagnosed with COVID-19 and had similar symptoms to Michelle: muscle aches, fever, fatigue, and coughing. She also had severe nausea and vomiting, which made her dehydration worse.

“It was definitely the worst thing I have ever felt,” she says. Monalisa was so sick she couldn’t get out of bed. She even went to the ER to get IV fluids because she was so dehydrated.

Michelle sent her a week’s supply of Dr. Ko’s herbal supplements, and Monalisa said it started to work right away.“I was probably a week into it when I started taking the drink,” she says. “It took 12 days to recover, and I still don’t feel fully recovered.” But the herbal drink made her feel lighter and less tired, so she was able to take better care of herself while she recovered. “If I didn’t take it, I probably would have taken much longer to get better,” she says.

She drank the concoction like a tea twice a day in the morning and afternoon. She says it made her feel like she had more energy and like she could breathe better. “Having COVID-19 makes you feel like you’re on a mountain,” she says. “The air is really thin so you can’t get enough oxygen. And it hurts to breathe. Even yawning hurts!” The herbal medicine helped her feel like breathing was easier. 

Although she couldn’t smell or taste it when she first started drinking Dr. Ko’s supplement, she says now it tastes kind of like green tea. “I thought this was a perfect time to try something new,” she says, “because I couldn’t taste it so it didn’t matter what it tasted like!’

Monalisa also gave some of the supplement to her husband, who had much milder symptoms. He had been sick for about five days when he started taking it. His symptoms never got as severe as Monalisa’s or Michelle’s, which may be due to taking the herbal supplement earlier.

“Michelle is a very caring person,” Monalisa says. “I’m really glad to know her. It’s great to have someone take care of you.”

Both nurses are hoping that a vaccine is developed soon, because they worry about their elderly patients, who don’t have the ability to fight off the symptoms of COVID-19 as well as younger people. Unlike the flu or RSV, there is no current vaccine for COVID-19, and death rates are much higher for the elderly and those with underlying conditions

“It’s best to keep practicing social distancing,” Michelle says, “especially for older people right now.” 

If you would like some of Dr. Ko’s herbal medicine to help with recovering from COVID-19 or other viruses, get in touch with 120 Acupuncture Clinic for a free five-day supply. (We’ll even deliver it contact-free!) 

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