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Cancer patients don’t die directly from the cancer?

If fire broke out in a building, there would be more casualties from the inhalation of poisonous gas than ones from the fire itself, victims got panic ran around to exit the smoking building without proper measures such as covering noses with wet towel or lowering their backs to avoid fatal smoking. Seemingly, the same is true to the case of cancer patients.

At the beginning, stage of cancer, removal operation might be the best option to choose; however, if the cancer has spread into more than two spots, a series of aggressive removal operations would be much riskier than some other alternatives. There have been actual tragic reports relating to this study. It is not necessary to take directive method risking a patient’s life to attack the cancer cells which have already spread into the deep area of a cancer patient. It would be much better if acknowledging the existence of cancer cells in the body and attacking them steadily at the same time finding a way to reduce the side effects as little as possible.

This kind of drastic surgery might cause the patient to suffer not only from poisonous elements of anti-cancer cell drug but also from poisonous cancer cells as well. This procedure can even bring the tragic results. It is very desirable for the patient to take plenty of rest to regain the energy and strengthening patient’s immune system by dissolving cancer cells slowly. As a matter of fact, most cancer patients mostly die from indirect attacks such as anemia caused by the malfunction of blood making organism, internal bleeding by the rupture of blood vessels, drastic drop of appetites, overall surge of fatigue, infection due to break of immune systems, and malfunction of main organs in our body except a brain cancer directly caused by cancer cell’s direct expansion in the patient.

For these reasons, Oriental herbal therapy and Korean’s traditional acupuncture emphasizing the importance of patient’s own will power of mind building more strong immune systems through steady natural healing processes have overhand treating the last staged cancer patients.

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