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The following is an interview we did in September, 2020. The interviewee and her husband, both 120 Acupuncture clients, survived bouts with COVID-19.

Tell me about your experience with COVID-19. When did you start taking the herbal medicine? How did it help you? 

A week ago, I was sick for 3 days. First, I thought it was a sore throat. I had an itchy and painful throat with fatigue. I was so tired so I stayed in bed for 2 days. I decided to go to the hospital. I tested positive for COVID-19 but my symptoms were not severe so I came home to start self-quarantine. 

One of my friends told me about Dr.Ko and his herbal medicine. So, I got the herbal medicine and took it for 3 days. After those three days I felt much better. My appetite came back, I could smell again, my cough stopped, and my condition came back as normal. 

Your husband got COVID as well? What was his experience?

My husband went to emergency and have tested positive for COVID-19 and his condition was severe so they moved him to the intensive care unit. Three weeks later, I wanted to give him Dr. Ko’s medicine because I was treated with the medicine and it helped me. 

I asked a doctor and he allowed him to drink the medicine. My husband started with one pack a day at first, moved to two packs a day, and then he started 3 packs a day. 4-5 days later, my husband did a test for COVID twice and the result came back negative so they moved him to a general ward. His oxygen levels were bad for the first three weeks but in the fourth week improved dramatically so he was discharged from the hospital. 

He continued the herbal medicine for a month. The medicine helped his appetite come back. He began to eat better, breathe better, and his digestion improved. 

Three weeks after leaving the hospital he had a checkup with his doctor. The doctor x-rayed his lungs. When he was in the hospital, 79-80% of the lungs were covered in white so there were concerns it may be severe enough to call for a lung transplant. But during the checkup the x-rays showed that  the lungs had returned to 70-80% normal. 

How did you find Dr. Ko and 120 Acupuncture clinic?

My acquaintance, who is treated by Dr.Ko, introduced me. I told her about my symptoms of coronavirus and she delivered the herbal medicine to my house. 

What did your treatment look like?

Because of the virus I didn’t go to the clinic to see Dr. Ko. My friend delivered the herbal medicine to me and Dr. Ko would call every day to check in on us.

What would you tell someone with your condition regarding visiting 120 Acupuncture Clinic?

If there is anyone sick around me, I want to recommend them all to see Dr.Ko. The treatment given to me by the hospital is a temporary treatment and I know that many medicines have side effects.

For instance, when you are sick because of coronavirus, you can’t sleep so they give you sleeping pills. It doesn’t mean that your body will recover. Also, you don’t have any appetite because the coronavirus prevents you from eating. But when I took the herbal medicine I ate so well. I think it is great to take both western and oriental treatment together. 

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