I would like to explain how Acupuncture works for our ailments since many people are curious about it. Most American patients and people think Acupuncture to be the mysterious and magical treatment for just stimulating our nerves. But, I can say those ideas are incorrect. Therefore, I want to give you correct information about Acupuncture treatments.

The first thing you have to do when you approach Acupuncture is to get rid of concepts you have experienced through Western medicine. Acupuncture has been developed for more than 3,000 years differently from western medical science, which means there are different theories and methods to treat our body.
In the Oriental medical concept, the reason we got sick is because we lost the balance in our body. Our internal organs face with each other and are related to each other. For example, the lungs stand face to face with the bladder. That’s why we might urinate when we cough. For this reason, our organs much be balanced well. And the balanced body develops the proper immunity against any kind of virus.
Acupuncture treatment is for that strong balance for our body. It doesn’t insert the chemical medication into our body for healing like injection, but it helps our organs fulfill their functions for protecting our body from illness. Without any control by chemical medication, Acupuncture treatment doesn’t give us side effects that drugs might cause by Acupuncture treatment.

In Oriental medicine, herb medication is 50 percent more effective if combined with Acupuncture treatment. Herb medication itself doesn’t work as well with Acupuncture. That’s why California issues licenses to Acupuncturists. By trying Acupuncture treatment, if you have any kind of ailments, you’ll see firsthand how Acupuncture works for your body.

I will provide more information about Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in my next article. If you have further questions, please call us at 818–980–7979.