Stroke can happen all of sudden, generally speaking, there is a possibility of attack when there is a sign of symptoms. In event of a sign, 10-20% of people actually show stroke, always be alert. The sign of symptom can last an hour but usually 4 to 5 minutes at a time and recover. Due to not paying attention, loses the chance to prevent stroke.

If following signs of symptoms occur, regardless contact your doctor for medical examination and emergency care.

1) One side of face, arm or leg suddenly gets numb or feel weakness.
2) All of sudden, mentally confused and have difficulty speaking.
3) One side of eye, or both eyes are blurry and dim.
4) Suddenly get drowsy and lose balance of the body and unable to walk straight.
5) Without any reason, sudden headache.
6) Suddenly pronunciation is awkward.
7) See two figures.
8) Dementia (forgetfulness) symptom is apparent.

Furthermore, if headache is cured by pain medicine, this can be a sign of symptom of stroke. Therefore be cautious. Especially, when migraine headache is painful by needle point, it can lead to stroke, and paralysis. If a woman has menopause and blood pressure goes up rapidly, it’s important to pay attention so not to suffer from heart disease or paralysis.

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